Each private remote session starts at PHP 2500 (55 USD). House-call session starts at PHP 3000.

To book a session, click here.

Note: Please send a message to request rates for Space Clearing and Special Session Packages 
**Additional charges may apply depending on the venue location. Rates vary for couples and groups.
Reiki and Yoga sessions are integrated with crystal healing, sound healing, and guided meditation.
Reiki is a Japanese technique that heals the mind, body, and soul by allowing good energy to flow. Each Reiki session is made more invigorating with the help of
healing crystals and sounds.
(60-90mins.) READ MORE
Got questions that need answers? Seeking clarity?  Book a Reiki-guided card reading to help you find peace of mind.  (60mins.) READ MORE
Feel great owning your body through sequences of yoga poses designed for your individual needs, intentions, and goals.  (60mins.)
For those seeking peace, clarity, and healing. This service is an integration of guided meditation, Angelic healing, and Reiki healing. (60-90mins.)
Let’s talk about how you can create a more enchanting life. By the end of the session, you’ll be more aware of the specific energetic patterns affecting you and the actionable steps you can take to live an intentional life. (60mins.)

Special Sessions

For stronger, kinder, and more enriching bonds. This session is ideal for couples seeking to strengthen or heal their relationships. (60-90mins.)
If meeting with me face-to-face for Reiki or Card Readings isn’t possible, you may opt for a remote session. You’ll get a complete report and assessment of the healing or reading session. (60mins.)
Clear old energies and allow life-giving vibes to renew the spaces you inhabit. Allow these spaces to be blessed with Divine power and experience a flow of renewed energy into your life.
Do you want to learn how to heal? Interested in diving deeper into intuitive work? I’ve got customizable workshops just for you.


For more information, e-mail or send a message via Facebook.

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