“Being an energy healer and a light worker,  Micah sent my late dad a distant healing when he was sick, and eventually, after my dad passed away, she recommended me for Reiki healing, too. At that point in my life when I finally realized that I can’t simply Google ‘how to grieve’ or ‘how to find peace’, I was open to receive any kind of help. Our session was a heartfelt one, and honestly opened my consciousness to truths I never really paid attention to before. In summary, Micah took a look at my energy channels, defined the blockages (which, by the way, if unattended to, can manifest into physical pain), and gave me advice on how to manage it. And I could sum it up in one powerful word: release.” – Patti, Writer, titapacita.com

“Spirituality was something I used to laugh off but after my first consultation with Micah, everything around me made more sense and I felt more relief in my perspective in life. I recommended her to my family and close friends after. Then she launched Heal Well with Micah Workshops, I signed up again and I wish I could attend her workshops every week.” – Thea C., Businesswoman

“After my dad died, psoriasis quickly developed on the left side of my body due to emotional stress. I asked [Micah] if she can perform Reiki on me to unblock my chakras so that good energy will flow. The treatment worked so well that it even manifested into physical healing.”- Neil P., FinTech Professional

“When I had vertigo because of Meniere’s Disease, I benefitted from Micah’s remote consultation, since I couldn’t travel far because I was constantly dizzy and out of balance. She recommended sound therapy to unblock my third eye and throat chakras, and gave recommendations for meditations and other self healing rituals. It gave me a different perspective and allowed me to have holistic healing. Medicine, self-help, and spirituality really do work hand in hand when it comes to living well! I would recommend her remote services for people like me who are busy, but really want to make an effort to see the other side of your health issues and how it affects your body!” – Gabriella P., Development Consultant

“My sister did a one-on-one Reiki session with Micah early this year and it was a really fruitful experience for her. I couldn’t wait to have my own session… For the first half of the session, I noticed I was a bit too conscious but Micah’s soothing voice and calming energy really helped me let go and get to that meditative state… Now I feel positive, light, enlightened and most importantly, alive. I feel like a new and better person!  I’m really grateful for Micah and the experience.” – Trish, Freelance Professional

“One of my best friends recommended a visit to a reiki healer and lightworker, something I didn’t even consider before. And so in mid-July, after flailing in the darkness, I met up with Micah, who was kind and generous with her time…

I’m not going to share what I discovered in those two hours (or was it three?) as it feels too personal for me to write in public. What I’m going to say though is that that short session truly helped lift my mental and emotional fog, slowly pushing me further away from the blackhole.

Of course it didn’t happen like magic overnight; it’s an ongoing process until today. I still have days when I can’t find the motivation to do anything, when I have to dig deeper so I can power through like a normal, functioning adult. When everything feels like a burden and I would rather let the day dissolve into nothing. It will always be there: the gray cloud of sadness. But now it has the moon peeking through.” – Meryl, enroutetoadventure.com

To book a session, click here.

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